Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Activities in FRIM

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is located 16 km north west of Kuala Lumpur, this 544.3 ha campus is surrounded by the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve.

After you pass by about 300m from the FRIM main gate, you will see these beautiful scenery

FRIM are very popular with Nature Trekking, Canopy Walkway, Treasure hunt and Camping activity. You are required to hire a nature guide if you want to join one of this activities. Don’t worry, FRIM nature guide had been trained well before they are doing this job.

         One of the nature guide explaining about the tree species to the group.

FRIM forest trails and Canopy Walkway were also established mainly for research activities, not for the sole purpose of attracting tourists/visitors to FRIM. They have some procedures and enforce to follow. They only can accommodate up to 250pax per day for the Nature Trekking and Canopy Walkway. Unlike public parks and other eco-tourism destinations, FRIM’s main focus is on its forest research and development activities.

Details activities and fees charged are as follow;
1. The reservation at least seven (7) days before the date of visit to enable them to control the number of visitors. 
2. Reservation can be made by contact below details;
                   One Stop Center
Institute Penyelidikan Perhutanan Malaysia (FRIM)
52109, Kepong Selangor
Fax              : 03-6280 4619
Tel No           : 03-62797592 / 7649 / 7677
Email           :
Website        :
3. Visitors will have to pay the full cost of the booked activities if they should cancel without at least one day’s prior notice

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Nature Trekking

Nature Trekking
Nature trekking in FRIM campus is consider as education trekking. The nature guide will bring you along the tour and introduce the commercial tree species. They will explain the product that can be produce from those trees species. It took about 45 minutes to 2 hours for the nature trekking and it's depends on the distance that you can walk. If Canopy Walkway is close for the operation usually it is took 2 hours journey.

If you want to enter to the FRIM nature trail for the nature trekking, you are required to hire a FRIM nature guide. For the charges it took RM120/guide. One guide can bring maximum 25 person per group, if you have more participation the officer need to provide extra guide for you as limited to 25 person per group. Outsider guide are not allow to do guiding job in FRIM campus, if they find out those illegal activities you will be required to pay the penalty.

Please email the detail to this email for booking the nature trekking activity.  

One of the nature guide with a group of 15pax..

This very unique phenomena in FRIM forest are look like crow shyness or jigsaw puzzle. The nature guide will guide you to see these mazing phenomena.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt in FRIM

After the Nature Trekking and Canopy Walkway, you may interested in Treasure hunt. It's a interesting team building activity and it suitable for all ages. Don't need worry, for this activity FRIM staff will organize the activities and they have their Marshall to take care all of your participant. 

      Treasure hunt that organize by FRIM is a nature treasure hunt that based on name & features of trees and things related to nature. Don't  worry even you do not know forestry. Just use your imagination!!!

      Here are the fee for treasure hunt activity;
Treasure hunt
RM 30 per group
* Maximum 5-6 pax per group
* Minimum 10 Groups.
* This activity will take 1 1/2 hour

Anyway, if you are interested to join the activity, you have to book with One Stop Center FRIM by this email or call to 03-6279 7649/7677/7592 for further information.
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Cycling (Mountain Bike)

Canopy Walkway

Canopy Walkway (Most popular)
FRIM ‘s canopy walkway is a living system. The ropes and ladders are tied to and supported by the trees. Unlike walkway of concrete pillars and fixed platform, the experience on a tree supported walkway is very exciting due to the swaying feeling when walking among the tree.

First of all, you have to buy the Canopy Walkway ticket at One Stop Center, it located at D6 building.

Please check the price here for clearer information;

Just follow the direction that given by the authorized staff, you will not lost. If you have more than 10 people, make sure booking because you are require to hire a nature guide for safety purpose. They started selling the ticket at 9.00am – 1.30pm. For your information  the canopy walkway is close on Monday and Friday. For further information please contact the centre.

After you have bought the ticket, walk up using the rover track. If you find the sign mean you are in the right way.

Walk around 10minute you will reach base where you can see the gazebo and also the canopy walkway signboard.

Follow the sign and going up. Make sure you wear suitable clothes and shoe to go up. Show you some picture.

You may take 5 if feel tired then continue again. Don’t give up.
Around 15 minute, you will reach Canopy Walkway main gate.

Show the canopy ticket to in charge person then enjoy the swaying feeling

You also can see the KL and Kepong View from on top of the tree.

Hope, you enjoy the Canopy Walkway…have a nice day…
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